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Solid Rock Gymnastics is owned by Jessica Andrewson. Jessica began her employment with SRG in January 2011. Solid Rock Gymnastics was opened in 1996 by Danelle Catlett. In October of 2003, SRG moved into the building we are in today, doubling in size for our students practice space. 


With continued expansion, SRG built on our Junior Gym to help meet demand. This addition gave us three distinct training areas for pre-school, school age, and competitive team students. This allows Solid Rock Gymnastics to provide the highest quality instruction to any age or level student because each training area has equipment designed for that age group.

Jessica has coached since she was 16. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to own a gymnastics gym but was unsure of how to make this dream become a reality. Danelle believed in her and mentored her from the beginning, and in July of 2021 Danelle sold SRG to Jessica, making that dream a reality.


Mission Statement

The Solid Rock Gymnastics Coaching Philosophy believes in attaining a balance of four components

1: Our coaches focus on SAFETY. Instructors are USA Gymnastics safety certified and we use only the safest training tools available

2: Our classes are FUN. We believe children should enjoy class and always go home with a smile. We believe in promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle

3: Our coaches are POSITIVE. We believe in positive reinforcement and strive to praise and encourage participants and reward their effort. Each gymnast is treated with respect. We strive to be positive role models. All of our instructors are trained under the SRG philosophy and have a passion for working with kids

4: Our Classes are PRODUCTIVE. We believe it is important to see progress at all skill levels and in all classes. In addition to being fun, classes are designed to help gymnasts reach their full potential. Each level focuses on teaching proper basic skills and progressions that lead to the next level. This is why we take great care to see that each participant is in a class that fits both
by age and ability.

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