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We have been in business for 27 years!


Modern Clean Air Conditioned Facility, 17,000 Sq Ft


Our facility has 2 gyms and a large viewing area with large windows to observe classes in both the main gym and the Jr Gym. We provide tables and chairs for your comfort. The viewing area provides WiFi and free coffee. We also have a snack bar for snacks, cold beverages and cold treats.


The front desk is staffed

4pm - 9pm, Monday through Thursday, Saturday 9am - 1pm.

We have a large private parking lot with lots of close, ample parking.


SRG is easily accessed from Nebraska Hwy 2, Van Dorn Street and Hwy 77 South


The main gym consists of the school age class area and team area.


These two separate areas are designed to offer each class and athlete the equipment time and training space needed to develop their skills.

We have 2 floor areas, 12 balance beams of various heights, 7 class bars, 3 regulation uneven bar sets, 2 channel bars, 2 pit bars 3 in ground trampolines, a rod floor, 2 full vault runways and much, much more.

At Solid Rock we pride ourselves on keeping current with new training tools and stations. We keep

our equipment in great condition

to ensure the best and safest training possible.


Our Jr Gym is filled with junior sized gymnastics equipment to accommodate the small hands and feet of children.


It provides a safer learning environment compared to putting young children onto regulation sized equipment and under foot of athletes in the main gym. 


It also provides an area with less distractions for the younger students.


Junior classes always spend some time in our main gym getting to use our 3 in ground trampolines !!

At Solid Rock Gymnastics, safety is always our focus
as is evidenced by the facility we provide for our students.
We offer positive, progressive gymnastics instruction 
in a fun learning environment.

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